Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Diana, you're a Chihuahua!
No bones about it, you're an energetic, devoted Chihuahua. For your breed, size definitely doesn't matter. After all, sometimes the best things (diamonds, car keys, Godiva truffles) come in small packages. Honest and straightforward, you're never afraid to speak up for what you believe in, especially if it's a cause near and dear to your heart. Having such a passionate personality can come with a few drawbacks, though. You can be moody at times, and people often find it hard to live up to your high standards. But once you make a friend, it's for life. Saucy and intense, your energy and unfailing loyalty make you a great companion. Woof!

haha if im a dog, i would be a chihuahua!
try it out at
and tell me what breed u r!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just had delicious ba kut teh at 12am..haha supper or breakfast? watever
taste so good..been a long time since my mum made this soup.

surprisely marvis didnt come to beg for food. nowadays watever im eating, or even when i meddle with some plastic bags, he will come out of his box..looking like a scavanger...ehm not so scary looking la..but the idea is there la..

im selfish with my food, haha esp when marvis is bugging me. so i'll rarely give him my share..and he simply loves papaya, so out of kindness i'll just leave a tiny weeny piece for food..and he will just gulp it down in 1 sec, and stare at me with his ke-lian eyes.. :P
haha i tink he tinks im really stingy.

and now he's deprived of walks.

what a doggie life he has

no treats and no walks

hopefully this doesnt constitute animal abuse. :P i promise to bring him for walks everyday after my exams!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Really glad that my dad is much better now. went out of ICU yesterday and is transferred to a general ward.

now he has to put on the neck collar, so as to prevent the neck from moving too much.
hopefully the numbness in his hands and legs will go off soon And the result of the op would be successful, because the doctor cant really guage now. It will take some time to tell.
and after that he has to do physio to regain his strength.

i wanna see my dad running around soon :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today I went to the hospital to visit my dad.
he just had his op and is being monitored at the ICU.

When I saw him lying on the bed, with all those equipment and tubes. I got really frightened. The doc was sitting outside the room, monitoring my dad.

As he told me about my dad’s condition, my eyes were welling up pretty fast. When I went in to see my dad, I was really really scared and sad. The tube in his nose made me feel very uncomfortable. Started to cry. Guess I wasn’t really prepared to see him in this state.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling. But it was really overwhelming me. I have never seen my dad in his state before. All these years, he was the IT geek, handyman at home, engineer and “dad who run here and there” on the weekends.
There he was, lying there.
Im really scared.
im Glad that Grace was with me at that moment.

When my dad woke up, he was still too weak to speak. At this point, I feel quite helpless. He wanted to stratch his leg. But I just don’t know what to do. Feel quite stupid. Luckily the nurse came in to help him apply some powder.

Ok I think I need to adjust my mood abit. Tomorrow when I visit my dad, I want to cheer my dad up.
I think all the fright in me should more or less have settled down.

It would take some effort to care for him.
Must adjust myself for his recovery process.
Meanwhile keep his spirits up. Cheer him up. Be positive
Dont be blur
Be attentive to his needs

Really thankful to all our friends and relatives who prayed for my dad. i'll remind my dad that many people are praying for him and everything will be fine. :)
please continue to pray for my dad...thank you~~

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

music is wonderful. each time i hear it, i seem to like it in a different way.
haha and i like the paragraphs in bold...just imagine the scenario, esp the halo part...and i was thinking...what about the wings?

A N G E L    I N    D I S G U I S E
Written by Corrinne May Ying Foo

I woke up this morning feeling kind of blue
and I stumbled out of bed
and dragged my feet across the room
Right outside my front door was a rose
and a note that said 'Somebody Loves You'

But out on the street it starts to pour
and before I get soaking wet,
A total stranger runs to give me
the jacket off his back
I turn around to thank him
But he waves me with a smile
I can hardly believe my eyes
He puts on a halo and starts to fly

Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look at Paradise
You could be next to
an angel in disguise

I met a good friend for lunch
and we had a delicious meal
But I forgot to bring my wallet
I felt like an imbecile
But she was sweet, she gave me a treat and
Bought me a chicken sandwich
To take home for tea

But out on the street with nothing to eat
A man and his shopping cart go
Travelling to places,
Collecting social graces
I give him my sandwich
and we chatter for a while
I see a rainbow wash over his eyes
He gives me his halo and
I start to fly

Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look for Paradise
You could be next to an angel in disguise

Don't try to hide away from me
I know you're by my side

Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look for Paradise
You could be next to
an angel in disguise
Everyday can be legendary
Every minute, an endless surprise
You could be the next angel in disguise

I woke up this morning
Feeling kind of new.

Friday, February 03, 2006

am feeling kind of pissed at this moment. dad can sometimes get on my nerves and make my blood boil.
its damn right to say that men can suffer from menopause too...they become more guan2 jia1 po2 and they will become more naggy than your mum. sometimes unreasonable in a childish manner too.

anyway, it used to be my mum. In the past, the moment she wakes up she will begin to nag. she will pick on anyone and anything to nag.dunno why..i always happen to be her main target and my barang will suffer the same fate as me...she will grumble about my messy room, the newspaper not arranged nicely on the table..bla bla bla
I'm sure many of you would have experienced this..for some could be all your life...ok la, not so exaggerating.

But seriously i don't blame my mum lah, menopause is the devil. all mums will suffer from this when they hit a certain age..but
luckily there's hormones pill to solve the menopause issue. Anyway, if your mum experiences hot flushes, raging temper and.. dunno what other symptoms, (I'm not an expert in this lah), but just fyi there are hormones pill from doc prescriptions to improve your mum's menopause frustrations..and to save yourself too.. :P

wierd...i didnt intend to blog about menopause today lah.

Anyway, i feel quite accomplished today. I'm finally moving my butt and going back to my jogging. Had my first run on 1 feb with Delcine and I'm quite surprised that I can still run 2.4km. Havent been exercising since the ophir trip and i was still able to run continuously!

did jogging on my own this evening..and went to the exercise know..those yellow sure you have seen it before..
did some arm and leg exercises and im quite impressed that the machines were good. at first i stereotyped them, thinking that its only meant for those lao kok kok people and kids...but after using them...hey realise they are not that bad after all..

on monday, we'll be playing badminton!! im sure sarah will be very very very happy to play with her 'lok mak mak' :P
wld be good if we can have a fixed badminton session? maybe its too early to say, cuz projects have not really barge into our lives yet..but all work and no play is dammmn sian leh...anyway, we see how it goes la :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

"Hello Hello update your blog leh"…Haha I'm being nagged by meimei! She was saying I better not let my blog “Guan Men Da Ji” after one entry… :P
ok, i think this entry would be quite long. Be prepared ah. :P

Anyway, the new school term has begun. (Glad I still remember that). Haha I’m still in the midst of my post-holiday celebration and enjoying life.

Today, I went kbox with Yeli aka (^_^) and Sarah Mei². As you can see from the symbol, what is the first adjective you will use to describe this face: (^_^) ???


For me, it's Round Face!!! If you have seen Yeli, I’m sure you will agree that
(^_^) =Yeli
Oh no…Hope Round Face won’t kill me for calling her that…and worse still, I even came up with this (^_^) symbol to represent her!! hehehe…Yeli, I know you won't get angry right? I have no evil intentions whatsoever because I’m actually implying that you are as adorable as this symbol! =)

Enjoyed singing with the gals. Must go again ok! hehe and grace must join in for the next round leh :)

We sang for 5 hours. From the classics to the pop songs and to the really ‘off’ ones like William Hung’s She Bangs.
Regardless of who my karaoke companions are, Jay Chou’s songs would always be the hottest hits being belt out. I’m not exactly a fan of his but I feel that his slow, sentimental songs are quite nice…
The love ballad that Sarah and Yeli sang: 珊瑚海 (Coral Sea) is quite nice.
Haha and I found an English translation of the song by chance. Quite interesting lyrics…

And also, the three of us became ‘judges’ for Round Face’s friends. Two of her friends who are preparing for an audition came over to our room and sang Fish Leong’s song for us. Not really to judge la.. but to give some comments.
Felt that they sang quite well and they must had practiced the song day in day out. Wish them all the best in the auditions la!

Yupyup, so that was how I spent my Friday. Initially after kbox, had planned to go Club Momo with Cer and company but had to postpone it. Really want to apologise again~ because I feel kinda guilty going clubbing during school term and..and I would have to endure my folks endless rounds of naggings..

Oh ya, I watched Memoirs of the Geisha yesterday!Haha Don’t ask me how I manage to watch it before it opens lah…

The movie is based on the internationally acclaimed novel of the same name. Heard from a friend that the book is quite good and so I was quite anxious to catch it.
Naturally, I had higher expectations when I watch the movie. Overall, the show is…….hmmm how to describe it?….. Feel a little disappointed…Somehow, I feel that something seems to be lacking in the show.

Alright, not wanting to take away the excitement you may have about the show, here is a just a simplified version of it.

9-year old Chiyo is sold to a geisha house and she works as a maid. She meets the Chairman, who buys her sweet ice and gives her some money. Instead of keeping the money, she donates it to the temple.
In return, she asks that one day she would become a geisha and to see the Chairman once again.
Having survived the competition, she grows up, becoming the legendary geisha Sayuri….. (in between there’s the deceit, rivalry , treachery competition, and so on..) and finally…..she reunites with the Chairman.

The movie is described as “a sweeping romantic epic set in a mysterious and exotic world that still casts a potent spell today…” Somehow, I feel that the movie falls short of its descriptions.

I feel that Gong Li did a fairly good job though, acting as Hatsumomo…She’s a convincing actress…think she deserves a best supporting actress for her role. Have to give credits to Zhang Ziyi. She spent 5 hours everyday learning English, despite her hectic schedule!
Admire her determination.

However, if the movie could reflect a little more about the Japanese culture and the life of a geisha, I think it would be more interesting and thought provoking.
Anyway, I guess making a movie always has its limits and there are many more things that you may have intended to portray.. but at the same thing you have to also consider if the audience is able to accept it…

Well, catch the movie if you can and let me know what you think of it! J
Channel News Asia will be showing a documentary on Geishas on 15 January at 7.30pm. Would be good to catch it before the movie runs.